Design Center Services

Bathroom Remodeling:

Montgomery Cabinetry can either refresh your current space, leaving the same layout of counters, tub, shower and toilet, or start with a blank canvas to create a whole new look, complete with new custom cabinetry and counter tops.

The makeover process starts with a visit and a look around the bath. You’d be surprised at how just a little creativity can turn an ordinary or out-of-date space into one of the most beautiful rooms in your home.

Even a small bathroom can be made to look bigger with mirrored walls and better lighting.  In addition, materials of every texture, style and shape can help beautify floors and counter tops.

Kitchen Remodeling:

Making your dream kitchen a reality begins very simply — by scheduling an initial planning session to discuss your remodeling goals and budget.

Montgomery Cabinetry designers are not hard-sell salespeople so our visit  to your home will simply be an exciting opportunity to talk about the possibilities. Most people remodel their kitchens only once in a lifetime, so why not make it a enjoyable experience!

The possibilities are almost limitless and include exciting options like granite counter tops, unique hardwood flooring, central islands, drawer appliances, ranges and fridges that are almost works of art. And of course, beautiful custom cabinetry that pulls the whole room together.

We’ll introduce you to a wide range of designs, colors, and textures. We encourage feedback on what fits your own sense of style. In other words, we listen first then design. Based on your needs and budget, we finalize a design that gives you the kitchen makeover of your dreams. 

Taste is obviously a very personal choice, and while we always like to show you the latest trends, we place a premium on listening to you because this is your dream kitchen and our goal is to make your dreams come true.